Low Volume Assembly Services

Printed circuit board soldering that RayM effectively functions to offer these services. Most of the buyers who wish to have quality soldering services with competitive prices can contact us for their requirements. We cater to majority of the specifications through our own PCB soldering plant in India.

Offline Low Volume Assembly Services, Pan India

Our competing PCB Assemblers may require high volume requests to offer their best work but not at Raym, we pay the same close attention is given to low volume PCB assembly runs as we do to larger projects. Consumer loyalty is most priority and that means each client be it big or small gets first class service and consideration. Our in-house quality confirmation division will try really hard to guarantee your PCBs meet your grand quality and execution benchmarks. Low Volume doesn’t intend to compromise product complexity or variety. We can handle project including PCB component procurement, manufacturing and assembly and we can do it at much lesser cost then you will discover anywhere in the United States or China without quality being compromised. You disclose to us what you need and we make it for you quick so you can focus on the real business of advertising and offering your product.